Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Get Invited To It If I Want To And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, youbetcha in these days steamin up to the electoral convention, I kinda feel like that one oddball who isn't yet quite invited there to the party, anaconda the things I said or didn't say good enough or supportive enough towards the host across this great nation with upholdable and traditional boosts that they, our patriots, stamped in for us to pick them up and take the country back again, just sittin, and wishin, and hopin, and thinkin, and prayin, and waitin, and fishin for an invite to speechmake at the big GOP platform event durin the all-important primetimes, like back when Jomcain the Mavrik and me (plus Joe the Plumber, also not invited I think thusfars) were around there doin snappy wardrobes outfits plus those catchphrases that stuck into the real Americans from the United States coasts, to launchpad my magnificent careers as motivational FOX guest speaker), additionally added to with my book writins and advice givins streamed out through many facebooks and pre-tweeted releases that are stored in memory to get "sent" instantly to friends and extended family to gin-up my expandin base, since my party outfits and boots are all laid out with my travel plans ready with mapquests just in case they do call, and all is forgiven so that you can get on out there with the air kissin and glad handin in the footprints of our forefathers to finally show that all that PAC money has gone for somethin worthwhiled goshdarnit.

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