Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gosh It's Fun To Spin Words About The President And Make Jokes And Whatnot Because You Get New Words To Read To Make Jokes And So Forth ...

Gosh, yaknow it’s just such darn fun youbetcha to be able to have things all printed out real BIG for ya, pokin at Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama with a stick there, insteada yaknow, actually sayin or doin somethin positive and so forth, but seriously folks within the noise of my voice, I gotta million upcomin one-zinger lines (not that I’m a member of the Brat Wursts up there in the Cast-kills or those nightclubs with the “Take My Wife, Please and also Try the Veal” kinda jokes and such, but real serious things that we face here nowadays today now here) so I’m gonna try out more cuttin remarks about the state of our economy while sayin out my other mouth that I’m out there inspirin the people across our great nation (LOutLoudLOL), so this one was handed to me recently:  “Hobnobbin and Jobbin” which I think is sassy commentary about the unemployment rates goin on there, to keep those folks laughin while they’re applying, kinda public service I can do, 

but sadly yaknow, another one I’m gonna setup-pause-punch is “Takin the Downtown Train Down to Dow Jonestown,” but I may not open with that cuz it needs a little work yaknow, so I’m takin my act and large bus on the road anyways there to scads more folks since it’s a fun game to devalurate the present administration and get all the cameras goin at me and talkin heads talkin and to get the Greta’s van Susterenin there and so on, in the fair and balanced networks that we find along the way, sometimes broadcasted right on out there from my former rumpus room (once I cleaned out the beer cans and hockey sticks and magazines and whatnots) so that the studio folks could set me up with the screens with the mountainous backgrounds and rivers and put the chlorakey paint on the things there to get my rear projection pushed right out in the face of the real American public (or whatever those technical guys call it) so that my spreading and growing base plus my messages and word-finds will have an image ta go with them that’s befittin and will be fittin into what I’m saying, so the great people along the way out across can just sit down and keep tuned in to have all the readin and thinkin ready for them to digest with their meals and so forth, easily chewable, just like that veal that the comedians talk about up there in the mountainous regions of comedy later to be seen on the Ed Sullivan shows and such varietal programs of yesterday's news, oh, and speakin' a yesterday’s news (LOutLOL), Michele Bachmann and her get 'em-up and go out there and run for the presidency announcement back then that caught so much of us on fire along the campaign trail seems to have gotten watered on by Rick Perry now, with his own particular brand of get 'em-up go out there and shoot-em up (with real guns by golly) type postures which seem to work (and also for Mitt Romney as well as we are seeing across the nation so) and don’t forget to tip your waitress and other advices that they give out there with their particular brand of ancient and wise humors from the holy land which members of my family have always been open to and tolerant of (how did I start talkin about them all of a sudden now — oh yeah, those ethic comedians with their words and how they tie in to what I’m talkin about already (haha which reminds me of “What you Talkin Bout Weezy? LOutLOL) that was such a fun show but of course so sad afterwords) which is of course what makes this great nation great, but not so much great these days yaknow with the White House doing the “is this thing ON” with the microphone pointed out down toward the American people with the volume turned off or maybe on some kinda strange exotic frequency thatcha can't pick up on regular real American citizen television and so forth, bein so out of touch (like I keep sayin on the programs there and whatnot with the “WHOA, tough crowd” kinda dialog that we don’t need, tuggin on our collars there like Rodney Dangerford usedta be able to do up there in the purple mountains majesties) or even Henry Youngman with all of his jokes about his poor wife bein takin off to gosh knows where and all,

but we know that when those economical policies bomb bigtime at the box office like my film biography that went straight down the old chamberpot there faster than you can say “Oh, The Seanhannity” of it all and so forth but anyways I know I am doin good for the country from coast to shining sea out there, one if by land, two if by sea and three if by bus there.

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