Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am So Dearly Beloved Gathered Together Here And Whatnot By the People of Pollland That They Keep Me In Their Percentages There And So Forth …

Gosh yaknow it’s just so benevolutionary for me to be held in such high rigord by the folks of Pollland out there, keeping me up in the national agendas and ticker tapes there, two percentage points ahead of the Newtgrinch there but right on up there, although there is such a drastic change between the Romney numbers bein 26% and my numbers bein 7%, but that’s the great advantage of livin here in the real America from coast to shinin sea, as I’ve said before again, the choice to choose your choices and youbetcha the courage of our forefathers to develop those measures that we do dearly hold up and preach about to this day, sometimes from a bus, sometimes whenever a microphone or such listening devices are shoved into our faces, waitin for a quick-thinkin reply and these things that the lamestream media and gotcha journalism folks live for every day on the airwaves and across the seas and oceans where we are sought out for commentary and opinions, which do so keep me there in the public’s eye right in front of their faces everytime ya reach for the remote, or grab a snack and so forth, but no matter what happens in my varied and regulated career, even those who would write books against me and my family there, the great people of Pollland do so keep me in their charts and minds, because goshdarnit, yaknow folks out there will do justa bout anything for publicity and those things which they use against us with no shame at all, against me I mean and my family units and other thin-skinned members of my staff and so on, what with the book deals comin out and the naked spreadsheets showin all your glory off,


all up there twice as natural as the day you were born and all, sportin the hockey stick pushed out in front of our children’s faces for their innocent eyes to see and whatnot to get all 3-D in there toward the centers of attention gettin circles and other rigid shapes that our present-day shameful gotcha journalism of now (which was NOT the kinda thing I studied when I was goin to colleges) has degenitalized into, especially so and not irregagless of that that Katie Couric mob just waitin to jump ya from a hidden tent down around there, or else pounce on ya with some satellite broadcast live question unrehearsed gathering there, all unscreened and quite frankly, shocking from anywhere across this great nation of ours that our forefathers never could have imagined us to be with, possessin those freedoms and cellphones and remotes and video taped dvds and other wondrous shiny machines that we do so use to get the words out there to the real America, whether it be ONE if by land, TWO if by sea, or THREE if by bus and so forth ...

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