Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There She Goes Again Makin Goofs and Gaffs Followin In My Footsteps Like I Did But Bless Her Anyway ... And So Forth

Goshdarnit, bless her yknow what with all those kids to keep track of plus the pressures of the debate when all the staffs and folks jump ship off your campaign like rats off a sinkin kayak but it is kinda nice to let her enjoy these dwinderful moments now, doin what I did back then, followin in my footsteps there with my wardrobes and my outfits and my lipsticks and my pitbulls and my catchy sayins and my form-fittin speeches and Jomcain the Mavrik and now my One Notion tour bus (and Joe the Plumber I forgot him) I got goin steamroller-rinkin over to a mall or parkin lot across this great nation to continue our forefathers doin’s (only from the historical stagecoaches), as Paul Revere did through Lexington and Concord and Welch's warnin the folks which reminds me it's such a crimnible shame how the lamestream media jumps all over poor Michele like they did me when she makes one simple batch of goofs like I did with facts and such, like that one time Katie Couric pounced out at me when I couldn't remember my mornin papers and cereals but I do wish Michele Bachmann all the best, really I really do with the pitiful windin down there for these methods by the Real Americans to take part in those discussions she engagles us with and to take our country back before time runs out all across this great land for us.

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