Sunday, July 29, 2012

We'll Drive-Thru And Take Out Some Of That Bandwagon Special Number Two To Go And So Forth ...

Doggonit, youbetcha we just had to dash on over in our big One Notion Bus there and drive on up to wherever the Googler folks said the Alaska Chicken place was located, to enjoy some delicious and crispy publicity that the controversial topic of the day is all about across this great land in support of our forefathers' freedom of speeches and whatnot to stand in line where we proudly ordered the "BANDWAGON COMBO NUMBER TWO" so that we could lend ourselves to the support and importancy of those real American values that we stick to and practice in our own home with our family and extended grandchildren that we cherish and try to raise in those ways through our facebookings and tweeters out there and speakin of that, Todd said to me if we had to caption the picture it would say "Guess where my thumb just was" which I didn't get at all but he laughed all the way back to the big bus and he still won't let me in on the joke but keeps laughin real hard every tenth of a mile or so, so I guess it's a good one for us to enjoy as a family throughout this great nation as we ride toward November to take the country back, one leg at a time from those who would take away our freedom of wholesome and delicious values for us all to digest on the wing, along the way through today's drive thru nation.

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