Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Of Our Own Tea Party Drinkers Called Jomcain The Mavrik "Numbnuts" And That Just Frosts My Whatnot And So Forth ...

Dogonnit, youbetcha now I am extra-confused and plus hoppin mad about those things bein slanderously said across this wonderful nation regardin the great Mavrik Jomcain, who I had the honor of co-starrin beside durin the GOP convention decked out in all my wardrobes and snappy one-liners which were quite head-turnin, and also at times Joe the Plumber plus my lipsticks and other fineries at that time in our forefather's footsteps when we were tryin to take back America then, however anyway let me say that I have found durin my One Notion Bus Tours that it's the lamestream media with those Katie Couric types who say those hurtful things about me which I must facebookingly tweetabout instantly when they poke through my thin skin and whatnot, but to have these quite frankly, shockin statements applied on Jomcain and his body parts by one of the actual Tea Party drinkers makes me think of how full of ironing the whole event is, because it should be my thin skin up in Alaska which is "numb" because of our frosty weather conditions up on Alaska, and Jomcain's mighty parts all full of feelings down around there throughout his wonderful state of Arizona which is much warmer which is not due to global warmin so let's not go down that road because words can be quite hurtful to those who absorb and feel them in these ways.

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