Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Hope To Be Able To Speak My Spoken Words At The Convention Or Else I'll Make It Unconventional And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, I'm just so yaknow, so doggone proud that Senator Gingrich from the great House of Representatives, speakin on my behalf wants me to absolutely speak on my behalf there, and put my behalf-term's worth of experience, governin in the great tradition across this powerful land that our forefathers dedicated to us across this magnificent country from up in Alaska for those times that I did it, so let me scream from the rooftops, in those proud traditions and hoofsteps of Paul Revere when he rode through Lexington, Concord and Welch's, ringin those bells to tell the Real Amerian folks up around there from his high horse Silver, just as I twitter and facebook myself all by myself, in my own real words just as unbelievably quick as lightnin, from atop my shiny One Notion Bus, and perhaps as if I may be given the chance if so honored at the upcomin convention, just as I did guest star at that last one with Jomcain the Mavrik, let me say from the bottom of my expandin base, one nation, indirigible, with liberty, and justice for all who wish to follow us in the forefather's footsteps and bootbuckles, that we must behoove ourselves youbetcha, with and for the good of the children of those of us livin for our futures at this time for our past history to reach beyond it and keep goin forward because it's not like I'm fishin for an invitation dogonnit, much like those salmon and other gill-bearing reptiles that make up our Alaskan natural resources that we enjoy killin as a family as part of the real American traditions that my husband and children do so enjoy together during our normal lives, but youbetcha it would be a nice sign if Mitt Romney, tossed me a fishbone, whereas because I have spoken about him and of him on those many occasions when I am asked to import my knowledge base onto the Hannity and Greta van Nostrum FOX news shows where I have my own big chair when time allows, (and when my One Notion Bus tour schedule permits me to stop into those magnificent studios and so called 'green screens' across this great nation) to speak about the dangerous and foreign customs that Brak Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama's doin up there in those Washington establishments full of his foreign and scary rituals with those cronies capitilizin on the lamestream media's gotcha journalism death panels which we do not affix to, as our forefathers would not have affixed either, had they not been long dead before this, lo those many years ago across and six feet under this great nation which we must take back and uphold for, in their memory and for the sacred future that we must preserve.

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