Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, Dem Rubio Slippers, Oh, Dem Rubio Slippers And So Forth ...

Goshdarnit, if this isn't a signal and winkwink hint plus also a sly fox way for Mitt Romney to let me know that I CAN JOIN HIM in the vast quest for the office of Vice President I don't know what is, with the unfortunate demisation of Marco Rubio as the vet candidate, (as far as we know as to what the lamestream media is talkin about and lettin us know of) so then because I am just so overjoyful with pridefulness and joyability that all those snake prayers finally are givin back, and too also that the gates have been flung open for me to once more step into those high-heeled footsteps that our long dead forefathers treaded upon, (even though they said don't), and to be able for Full Former Governor Romney to obviously drop the not so subtle ENDORSIFICATION OF ME to be able to re-step-up to the podiums and parking lots again, thrusting out my big star powers and vast wardrobes to the position of the Vice Presidents and go on up on all those stage sets and harshly lit places where I shone brightly (even on those bad weather days when I went where the sun don't shine) plus also I have my own One Notion Bus so we could then cover double the territories across this great nation youbetcha, that we must take back doggonnit, spreadin the message to get on in there and take back what we don't have again before the November 2012 Primaries.

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