Friday, May 11, 2012

The Hockey Puck Doesn't Fall Far From The Goalie, And So Forth ...

Doggonit, youbetcha I'm just so proud over Bristle there makin all those typins concernin Brak Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama and his daughters there cuz just the other day we were all sittin around the big One Notion Bus, goshdarnit, let's see there was me and Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad and Bristle and her illegitimate little son Tonka, and it just made me so happy to know that one day he'll be able to join in with those important discussions and chats that we do and whatever they put right there in front of me and so forth, because when he grows up and learns to speak them we all can learn to speak to those real American controversialities such as traditional families and so on he can look up to his hockey mom and she'll be lookin up at me there with the puck not fallin far from the goalie and all, followin in my footsteps just like the forefathers of this great land of ours wanted it to be long before the country was taken away from us over there which is why we need to take it back and so forth from those folks who allow themselves to be pushed around by their offsprings.

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