Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me and Todd's New BFF is that Senator Deb From Nebraska And If She Wins Then We Can Do Pen Pals And e-Mails And So Forth ...

Hey there real Americans out there, goshdarnit because although we've never really been to Nebraska or any other state that ends in 'aska' besides Alaska, we thought we'd just askya by gettin on the phones here and doin the very best speakin and promotin for Senator Deb Fisher who you do know so well as someone who we (but first just me) have recently hitched our wagons and so forth to in order to help your election just as our long-dead forefathers would want us to do in times like these in which we have to take back our government and also yaknow she goes along with my I mean our NRA lock and load and reload things that we were talkin about although we don't say things about that so much youbetcha since that thing with the targets and the maps that one time with that website and whatnot way back some time ago but we do so very much wish to support Senator Deb there in your district which we will try to visit on my One Notion bus someday or if we plan a family trip like we do as a family together just like were are doin now normally on the telephones and whatnot today for you and the great folks across this land of ours in Nebraska to exercise your civil duties and support the cause!

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