Friday, April 20, 2012

It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World Out There After All And So Forth...

YAY AND HOORAY for me again youbetcha with my recent comments finally again so fresh that they're steamin and scooped up and googled at and so forth by the Real Americans out there (plus disgust across this great land of ours that our forefathers put down for us to follow in and around about) which I have been doin with all my heart and other organ meats when somethin relevanary happens and I am notified about it to sign off on, (so that I can chime in at them) like Paul Revere did with those bells he rang out and proud from atop Silver (his high horse back then) before the post-historical times of today when we didn't have the facebooks and rare social mediums that give us well-done instant fame that we must take in, chew and digest, once we separate all the kibble that passes for real substance and get to the real meat and gravy of the potatoes that are so important to gravily take back for our country before it's all minced up and turned into those un-American over processed kennel rations that we see coming from the government that makes me doggonnit sometimes want to spit them out onto the grass of this great land of ours instead of nourishing ourselves and keeping ahold of those historical things which should make all of our eyes bright and make us wear shiny new coats because goshdarnit I'm just so happy that somethin happened to get me back up in the faces and nostrils of the real Americans in this great land of ours cuz without puttin my foot in it, I was kinda droppin down by the breakdown lane of popular cultures since what I usually say these days is even more unrelevanary than usual with scrapin the bottom of the barrel there with witty jabs at Brak Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama wearin kinda thin here and there that I fling about wherever I go and do those things that I was so well known for back in the glory days with Jomcain the Mavrik and Joe the Plumber (who still hasn't returned my twirts) for me to help him with his campaignin, back when those things would happen all sandwiched inbetween speechmakin and book signin and sayin cheese and hi at all the state fairs and such things after I quit that Governor gig plus I had to do my drive-thrus atop my big One Notion Bus trips that I became so well known for mobily from sea to shining coast and then the morning show duties that I just did on the lamestream networks there that I bashed on so much before until I said it would be a good thing for me to do and so forth since I wasn't Katie Couric with her gotcha style of journalism which is not the type I studied in my colleges when I was at those places of higher institutionalism.

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