Monday, April 23, 2012

Go, West, Go, Young Man Unless Your Name Actually Is West Because It's Just Goshdarn Unamerican If You Can't Call An Unamerican an Unamerican And So Forth...

Goshdarnit, this is exactly the kind of invasion of our speeches that I faced when I was sayin those things across this great land of ours from my One Notion bus when I was revelatin around the time I corned the phrase "gotcha" journalism when that Katie Couric and her elk tried to pin me into a coroner by askin me all those trick questions once about readin and so forth that I did or did not do outside of the facebookins and twerps that I have been known for at the drop of a doggone hat whenever things get mentioned in the news youbetcha that I can glom onto and keep myself up in the spotlamps anaconda my two cents put in there (like a bad couple of pennies actually the way I keep poppin up like a goshdarn Jack In The Lantern and whatnot) when there's a camera or a studio or 2 Dixie cups and a string nearby or Sean Hannity or Greta Van Sistern with her rear projections back at my home studio that used to be my rumpus room with the hockey sticks and my grandchild goin on over there and who knows what all else, but it's just frankly shocking and I am stunted that these types of squishes to our freedoms happen because indeed, a wasted mind is a terrible thing to have and so forth which you would think Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama would be more sensitive to and of in this day and age because if you can't call an Unamerican an Unamerican or communist or whatever you want to, which is the way our forefathers wanted things to be historically, what is the country coming to especially now, because what's the next thing they'll say, that the expression "Go West Young Man" is also Unamerican especially if your name is West and you can't even call a communist a name in this so-called free country that was taken away from us and so now we have to take it back and put it where we want it to go before Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama tapes up our real American mouths with his Unamerican birth certificate string or whichever customs that they do have there with the secret service goin and doin things and not payin attention so maybe we'll look the other way and have even more things and so on taken away from us in this great land of ours?

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