Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Roof of Papa's John's Sales Mouth Got Kinda Burned And So Forth ...

Doggonnit, speakin as one American institution to another and acourse by that I mean 1) me and b) pizza, the lamestream media once again across our great nation has thrown a pie in the face of real American's free speech and constitution areas that cover our beloved government foundations (the crust of our wonderful democracy) which I see a lot durin my fundraisins from within my toasty One Notion bus proofin my own dough in support of our amendables which are like extra toppings youbetcha, however the calorie count in those historically yeast-driven wedges may add to puttin on the pounds durin this holiday season so youbetcha I'd better not have too many helpins of freedom or else I'll add too much to my expandin base to fit into the studio chair at my Sean and Greta video playdates over at Fox News where I get all painted and floured up and also dimpled and hair-raised to make my hot tomato chewy statements ready to eat and easily devoured by my growin base (also too, our other national snacks and junkfoods are bein radically hijacked away from our traditional mouths similar to when the convention folks told me to shut my own personal piehole) dingdangit but historically speakin they just had those hard tacked breads back in the forefather's times then since no chain restaurants were open in the early pre-mall years of our nation back then which is so sad.

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