Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goshdarnit, Fox News Told Karl Rove To Pipe Down Just Like When They Told Me To Stick A Sock In It And So Forth ...

Doggonnit, I can certainly express some sympathies there across this great nation goshdarnit for my fellow Fox News mouthpiece Karl Rove, bein told to stick a sock in it after his head grew three sizes that night cause of how the Democrats stole the election and even my large wighedge kinda deflated on the other screen just as Karl's noggin was blowin up sigh mutationally and since I do so dearly tend to make things all about me ever since my meteoric rise to fames and fortune after bein put on the public by Jomcane the Mavrik durin the 2008 election, notified by my sassy wardrobes and sayins that struck home with my base which is expandin (especially durin this holiday season with those gooey dessert treats and big suppers that we all have as a normal family back home in Frontporch durin the real American Christian holidays that we do together as normal by golly) but anyway, I can feel somewhat remorsefully emotionable there for Karl since we all remember the tragic circumstance of what happened to me durin at the last convention when I myself was told to clam up and pipe down so Chris Christie could get on up there doin the big keynodes insteada me, so I know how Karl feels all big and stupid and wrongfilled with those projections that he did not agree with when we lost yet another one dingdangit right there in his face.

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