Friday, November 4, 2011

Those Occupiers Blockin the Walls and Streets Are In The Way And Plus Are Also Creatin A Doggone Traffic Hazard For Progress In This Great Land And Just Need To Get A Job Or Just Stay Home or Go Away To Somewhere Else … And So Forth

Goshdarnit, boy howdy am I ever in high spirits youbetcha that there’s somethin goin on nationwide across this great land of ours that I can take parts in and weigh in on, with my large and expandin base, to be able to get on in there and criticize it about, when my facts are all spread out on cards for me, all easy-like (thank you very much Katie Couric) if you all care to remember that one time when I didn’t know what the jillikers I was audiatin about durin my roll-out (LOutLOL) concernin these so called protestors, but now I am informed enough to poke the stick of the flagpole that flies the flag of the real Americans at them out there through their homemade homes, those unsatisfied occupiers who are so much opposite from those common, down to earth regular folks that I drive by and wave to while ensconed into my big One Notion bus, spreadin words and phrases that I have become so dearly held up for as I go from podium to mall, parkin lot to staged events, rallyin the folks around me like Paul Revere did at Lexington, Concord and Welch’s, ringin and ridin, singin and chidin, plus and also too turnpikin down the roadways and dirtpaths and grottoes laid down these long and many years ago which have become parchmented values preserved in our museums and old books set down by our great, lifeless forefathers who currently are buried under this great nation into those sacred grounds and cemeteries that I pass over and uphold for the sake our nation, and to take the country back from people like Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa and those Street Occupiers there, walled off under those unsanitated tents and smell-filled “lean-tos” composted of close quarters that they have trespassed up because of the failed policies of the current administration which thankfully allow me to continue barrelin through the crowds with my speechforths, (but I better watch it with my direct language there about drivin through crowds since that has actually happened, or so they say these things have indeed taken place there on those tent cities, so I guess apparently that’s what Occupational hazards mean for those radical elements, and also too I should give it a rest because back when I used to say those things about lock and load and reload with the targets on the district maps when we put all those violent images up on the interwebs for any crazy uncle to go off on, doubleplus so then when it really did happen with that shootin and for which we were so dearly sorry for, not that we had anything to do with that but to be sensible and just in case, we called our internet folks and so they spitspot took that graphic down youbetcha faster than Superman folds sheets on laundry day, and immediately displeased all of our responsibilities and liables in that area as quick as castor oil through grandma, but anyways I hope people forget about so many things we did in the past, so why the heck am I bringin it up now, well cuz I just guess I can’t stop once I get started on a tonguetrill over there with my wisdom-makins and opinionatin now from here in Buena Vista with the good views I can see out of) where I can look out across the land and latch onto these terrible times in our future that we have down the road for us which we are able to do now in the hopes that the optimism that once gripped this nation like an eagle with its powerful outstretched talents will swoop down again and reclaim all of the things that we lost so we can start from scratch and once again to take back them, boldly led by our soon to be chosen GOP candidate winner (who I don’t know or haven’t expressed an endorsement for yet since things are so up in the air) which is certainly takin its own sweet time by jing, what with the “touchy-feely” issue goin on there with Herb Cain and those accusers poppin out of a cake like in those stageshows and burlesques, and that crazy speechmakin that Rick Perry did the other day with his loose gesturin and unconventional speech patterns with his googly eyes and hair, and then still there’s that Michele Bachmann, for cryin out loud why is she even still there still, but bless her anyway again, with those many children to be responsible for and the husband with his troubles with the controversial behavioral tictacs he uses, and acourse those imbalancin headaches, plus also Mitt Romney with his “which way do I put my shoes on like any other person on Monday or Wednesday in my big house with its strange religious customs and maybe I need to buy a bigger house so I can be livin in a bigger house” which leaves us in doubt about the other days of the week when he puts on his garments and which way the wind will be blowin for him to latch onto, and then there’s the others like Newt Gingrich with his wife Calistic, and her jewelry addiction and that severe and reflective helmethead hairdo that looks like she could cut glass with it (and maybe if she could, she should just do that at the Tiffanys store front window and just reach in and grab those gemstones and other shiny barbells and such things instead of runnin up all those credit card bills (LOutLOL)) so I will endorsificate somebody at some time in the future comin up to keep my relevant position in the industry not dried up like so many jobs and futures for our children that we sadly face and would have been avoided if me and Jomcain the Mavrik had been able to get on in there and legislate the other laws that we wanted to be there in place, and of course with me bein in charge of the Senate if I had been able to accept the award as Vice President durin those times when we tried to do it before my current career as “super booster” and mom and book writer and reality show actress and commentator and what-all across this great nation plus celebrity and other things.

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