Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goshdarnit I Got My Foot Stuck In It Again By Givin The Big Scoop To Someone Else So I Outfoxed Myself That Time ... And So Forth

Goshdarnit, my air time seems to be gettin kinda thin like when I’d go to high up in the mountains up in Alaska when I’d pass out to be unconscious all those times but recently I guess the on air time has been thin cuz I got yelled at by the owner of the Fox News programs about that one time I announced (finally for cryin’ out loud it took me forever it seemed) when I wasn’t gonna be able to run for the President job because of my conflictin schedule of events across this great land, and so when I did finally say “no, I shall not be able to do it my great American friends but keep sendin money anyway just in case”, I didn’t spill the ‘no run beans’ on those Fox programs that have been so accustomated to seein me, plus yaknow sorry seems ta be the hardest word, said that great poet somewhere back there across this great land of ours in song, and if I could have it to announce in a do-over all over again and again and again (to do over) from my enormous bus out there across this great land of ours I guess I woulda pulled over my One Notion bus into one of the many broadcastin studios there that Robert Ailes owns throughout this great nation that previously used to salutate me so happily into the bright lights and microphones and so forth with the big cushions there for me to answer upon, and the comfortable couches too and even from my own home studio I would be able to do those things with the mountains and vistawhatnots out the back window all lit up into the living rooms of the real Americans, then I woulda said I wasn't gonna run to be president after gettin all that money from my Sarahpac, right up to the last minute there on his channel boyhowdy, but I guess I just forgot to be able to do it, what with all my speechmakin and booksignin and commentatin and autographin and bustrippin and candidate endorsin and family raisin and neck tightenin and so forth so I just kinda forgot who the boss was instead of it bein me, so youbetcha I put my foot right in it once again is what I did then during those times.

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